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ShutterSquare Photography's goal is to provide you with a natural, elegant record of the most important times of your life. Specializing in portrait and event photography, we are entrusted to document life's most seminal moments. We specialize in school photography, bringing a whole new philosophy and level of expertise to an age-old rite. Everyone we photograph is a valued client who receives a custom photography experience - and we are happy to say that the result is a far cry from your typical school photo experience. ShutterSquare offers a truly professional photo shoot that delivers dynamic, impactful images that capture the essence of your children like no one else.

But ShutterSquare doesn't just work with schools. We provide portrait and event photography for corporations, religious organizations, sports leagues, concert venues, dance studios, theaters, and camps.

Planning a celebration? Consider ShutterSquare to document that special someone's birthday, anniversary, baptism, communion, bar/bat mitzvah, or graduation. Private sessions are also available. ShutterSquare services the NY/NJ/CT Metropolitan Area.


I used to dread my school's "picture day." My home had a growing collection of awkward photos adorning the walls, and I couldn't stand to look at them. It wasn't because I didn't like being photographed - actually I rather liked being the center of attention once in a while. I liked good photographs, and really, who doesn't? The problem was those photographs. How did they always manage to capture me at my most awkward moment? That forced, crooked smile - that stiff, unnatural posture - those pastel or painted-forest backgrounds?

Fast-forward to adulthood and a path that has led to professional portrait and event photography, and it's easy to look back today and understand the pitfalls of "picture day" that mystified me years ago. The reality was that it was not truly photography - not as I came to know the art form. It was, in fact, an assembly line, run by someone who was trained to line up my head within the confines of a grid in the viewfinder, instruct me to "smile" and click off a single shot, before quickly moving on to the next kid. And that really does sum up the process, year after year. It's no wonder the results reflected that process: stiff, rushed, uncomfortable.

We measure the passage of time through our children ... ShutterSquare provides the pictorial record of life's seminal moments.

ShutterSquare has proven that it doesn't have to be that way. Photography is not about running an assembly line. Our goal is to capture the unique personality of everyone we photograph - to capture an honest moment, a flattering moment, and document the real person that we have been entrusted to photograph. Taking pride in our work means not being happy unless our client is happy - no matter their age. And this, we have come to realize (and always knew on some level, even as children), is what "picture day" should really be about. It's about capturing a special moment in time, and preserving it forever. When done properly, that is priceless. Because we know how fast time goes by. The moment comes, and then it's gone. We measure the passage of time through our children - we see how fast they grow up. Have you ever wanted to stop time in order to have the chance to enjoy that fleeting phase of your child's life just a little longer? We understand the feeling. ShutterSquare provides the pictorial record of life's seminal moments - preserving them, so they will be cherished always and displayed proudly as the treasured memories that they are.


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